Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yesterday the potatoes took an unconscionable time to cook, so the kids had leftover pizza and Justin and I picked up Chipotle --- mmm, mmm! Tonight we're having Greek Chicken Cutlets ala Everyday Food (with coarsely chopped rather than whole olives and parsley instead of mint) and Potatoes with Tomatoes and Feta from Paula Wolfert's "Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean." The tomato mixture from Everyday Food is quite good by itself, and I've had to restrict access so that we'll have some for the chicken tonight, which is waiting to be sauteed. This is only the 2nd time I've cooked from Wolfert's book -- it is very much a 'recipe' book and I've had difficulty putting together menus or getting a sense of what Eastern Mediterranean cooking and eating is really like. Also, the first recipe that I ever tried to cook from CotEM called for "Aleppo pepper" and even my local Greek grocery didn't carry it then. Penzey's does now, so I've decided to revisit the book, because I really do like the author and I think I'll really like the food.

Updated to add: Delicious! Both recipes are definitely going to be part of our regular spring rotation.

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