Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wren had a lovely time today as Alice, a young scholar at Seneca Schoolhouse in 1880. I think her pinafore turned out well, but I definitely need to improve my sewing skills. While Wren joined in her first historical re-enactment, the boys and I walked along the C&O Canal (at Swain's Lock -- roughly mile 17) during Wren's historical re-enactment, where we saw many cardinals, canada geese, mallards, and titmice, as well as a downy woodpecker -- all birds we see pretty regularly. I didn't see any lifers, but we were very excited to see a red-headed woodpecker, a great blue heron very close-up, a bald eagle, and two species of turtle that we couldn't identify -- maybe it's time for a field guide to reptiles and amphibians!

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