Monday, August 27, 2007

I hope I’m not the only crafter who has a stash of unfinished projects languishing in the closet. I have a bad habit of starting more projects than I can finish, and I’m determined to check this tendency. After my m*th infestation last year, I decimated my stash. I kept only my cotton yarn and the projects pictured above. I also resolved not to buy any more yarn until I’d finished the works in progress. Knitters will be unsurprised to learn that I did, in fact, buy more yarn within months. Most of that yarn has been knitted up into charming objects of great beauty, I’m happy to say, so I can focus once more on de-stashing.

As soon as my current project is finished (Wren’s lace cardigan) I’ll tackle this lot. I’ve made a prioritized list, beginning with the blue striped rompers, of which one leg is pictured just to the right of the green sweater. I’d actually knit both legs, joined them and knitted up to the bib shaping when I realized that I simply don’t have the skill to shape them without unsightly edges. If Finch were a girl I’d be able to knit or crochet a cute edging to hide the shaping but he wasn’t so I stopped in dismay. Then he outgrew them, as babies will, so I ripped out all the way down to the join. They’re wide enough to fit several of his little legs, so I’ll just make both legs longer, join, and make some wiggle pants instead. Next in line is the tweedy-green sweater there at the top, next the romper leg. I stopped work on that as the weather heated up and Finch’s birth put an end to all knitting. I’ve lost the chart, but since I got all the cables from Barbara Walker’s First Treasury, I’ll be able to make another. My goal is for Robin to wear it by October

Next in line will be the blue longies pictured at bottom. Those also fell victim to hotter weather and a demanding baby, but I’m sure I can knit them up pretty quickly once I get to them. Goal for the longies is November. The rainbow scarf will be next. I love Feather and Fan lace, and even the reverse side is attractive, but oh. my. word! Those ends are going to be a bore -- it really does make sense to weave in as you go, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be disciplined enough to do so. No goal for this one, except to finish it One Day. The other striped scarf is probably dead-in-the-water, at least until one of my kids decides to finish it – I started it years ago when garter stitch stripes were the height of my skill, but I got bored pretty fast, as you can see.

The green and white hat is finished except for the weaving in; Finch outgrew it before I finished so I suppose I might frog it and prep the yarn for another use. More likely it’ll languish forever, poor thing. The multi-colored cotton ruffly thing on the bottom is another project that will probably languish. It was going to be a halter-top for Wren, but I don’t really like the yarn anymore. Comment if you’d like to trade for the yarn. The baby-cable socks in green wool are likewise in danger of languishing, and even if I finish that one I doubt I’ll ever make it’s mate. Sad but true – I’m no sock knitter.

That leaves the orange sweater in the middle, which is a challenge. I started it for Robin using the random cable pattern from knitty. I like it, really I do, but it’s just not coming together for me. Eventually I’ll knit a swatch to see how the fabric feels after a wash, and hopefully it’ll tell me what it wants to be. Any ideas?


Holly said...

Good luck with finishing those! Sometimes it's so hard to stay focused. I have too many UFOs right now, too, and all I want to do is cast on for more projects. I'm making myself finish 4 things before I cast on anything new (with one exception, a sweater I hope to finish for my daughter for Christmas). The insanity has to stop!

meegan said...

Since making my list of ufo's to f, I've come up with ideas for 6 new projects --- it'd be sheer lunacy to actually buy the yarn for any of them, so I'm holding off until my friend's new yarn shop opens -- within walking distance! That's going to be one dangerous place for me.