Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wren is 10!

My baby girl is double-digits old now, and I'm so grateful for her presence in my life. After losing Atticus, we had a hard time getting pregnant. I remember taking a long drive with Justin, sobbing and screaming because I couldn't do anything the 'natural' way; I couldn't have a vbac because I had a huge T-incision in my womb, and now I couldn't even get pregnant without fertility drugs. We talked about not having any children at all, shutting that door and opening a new one. I dreamed about going back to school to study forensics, applying to culinary school, starting an alternative school of my own, homesteading, moving to Europe, and all kinds of crazy things that, in another lifetime, might have worked out fine.

But I wanted children. So I made another appointment with the gyn/fertility specialist and she recommended clomid. I had to take a pregnancy test to rule out the impossible before beginning the treatment. A week after the appointment I was cleaning our apartment when the phone rang. I had a wild thought that this would be Dr. Kennedy, and that she was calling to tell me I was pregnant. I answered, and as soon as I heard her voice ask "Mrs Cooke?" I knew it was real. I drove to the card store, picked out one of those Anne Geddes 'baby' cards that were ubiquitous in the late '90's, and scrawled "Guess What!!!???!!!" inside -- hardly an original way of announcing a pregnancy -- and raced over to the dealership where Justin worked as a mechanic. I tried so hard not to smile while handing him the card, but I was beside myself with joy, and he knew before opening the card.

Seven months later (I'd been 4 weeks along, and she was 3 weeks early) on October 20th, 1997, Wren Marian was born late at night via c-section. I was in lala land immediately afterward, but Wren was bright-eyed and alert, and fascinated by the recovery room lights. She charmed all her father within seconds, as well as her grandparents who'd rushed to meet her. She was the sweetest, most peaceful little baby imaginable and her infancy was one of the happiest periods of my life.

She's a little feistier these days, and we have our differences, something that I wouldn't have believed possible during her first 3 years, but she remains a kind-hearted, affectionate, and sweet-natured young lady. I'm a very lucky mother.

dinner tonight (in lieu of the weekly menu): whole wheat fettuccine with spicy garlicky broccoli and fontina cheese


Bethany said...

I have two kid's birthdays in December!!!!
Save me!
You have a beautiful little girl, I hope she had a great birthday full of fun and wonder!

Jenya said...

Adorable kid! And great-looking cake too.
Don't get creeped out, I came here from your old blog and there I wandered from people's ravelry pages.
I don't harm anyone, I knit, cook and cross-stitch.
The fact that you do all that and more, plus homeschool your kids makes me want to have and homeschool my own even more.
Great job, I really admire how humorous, handy and industrious you are.

(argh, *now* when my in-brain thesaurus isn't working I can't find a better word for what Mirriam-Webster is calling obsolete[I'll show them who's obsolete!], but by 'industrious', I meant 'skillful')