Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Which We Catch and Release a Most Endearing Specimen of Mus musculus

Once upon a time, a wee mousie took shelter from the cold in the home of two once-ferocious, now aged cats. The cats were named Maisie and Roonces, and the mouse wasn't named at all, because she was a wild mousie who lived by her wits. Her wild wits served her well when the aged (but still not-very-nice-to-mice) cats pounced her. She very cleverly made herself look small and dead and boring. So the aged cats left her alone and took a nap on the radiator. Wee wild mousie continued to look small and dead and boring, because the cats were still within pouncing distance, but she was very frightened and very annoyed.

At long last, a human came along and the cats trotted after her for their mid-morning meal. But just as wee wild mousie was about to make her escape, the human discovered her. Wee wild mousie trembled as the human thought what to do. Finally the human put w.w. mousie in a cage and fed her on bread crumbs and lettuce. It was quite nice, but w.w.mousie preferred freedom to safety and bent all her wits on devising an escape plan. Unfortunately, her habit of stretching up on her hind legs and sniffing made her so adorable, that the silly human had thoughts of naming w.w.mousie and keeping her as a pet.

Fortunately, better sense prevailed, and the human and her young embarked on a grand expedition to release w.w.mousie into the Wild. On the way, they stopped at a children's book store where w.w.mousie was so admired that she almost (but not quite) thought she'd like to be a pet after all. As soon as w.w.mousie saw her new home near a hollow log, she scarpered quickly under some leaves where the humans couldn't see her at all.

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Holly said...

What a lovely story. W.W. mousie is in a good place, although you would have given him (her?) a lovely home. I'm glad the kitties were distracted by food and gave w.w. mousie a break!