Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've been setting aside one afternoon each week for sewing and I've been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I'm learning. When Wren was a baby, I made a couple of reversible smocks from a now oop McCall's pattern. They turned out well, but none of my subsequent projects were satisfactory, and some were true disasters, so I concluded that the smocks were a fluke and I was not a sewist*. But then I discovered knitting blogs, some of which link to crafting blogs, some of which are super-fabulous** and I decided to give the sewing thing another go. I credit Amy Karol of Angry Chicken, and her "Bend-The-Rules-Sewing" for my newfound pleasure and success in sewing. Thank-you Amy! I've also set aside Saturday afternoons for knitting, and I've managed to squeeze in some time for other crafts, including origami, on other days. When the children join me I spend more time helping them than I do making anything myself, but their creative energy is a joy to me. Oddly enough (maybe it isn't so odd?) I've been able to keep up better with the housework now that I'm keeping myself busier. I'm also not struggling as much with depression, though I can't say whether the crafting keeps the depression at bay or whether the absence of depression allows me to craft. Any road, I'm enjoying a time of quiet wonder and I'm grateful.

In bird news, we've had the snowbirds (juncos) pretty reliably for the past few weeks, and they're an endearing sight hopping about among the fat and placid doves, pecking at the cracked corn. We've had a few white-throated sparrows and (finally!!!) a regular crew of goldfinches at the thistle. On three separate occassions we've had a red-bellied woodpecker, which thrilled the children. Of course we've had our usual downies, cardinals, titmice, nuthatches, house finches, and house sparrows as well.

*I saw the word 'sewist' on another blog and liked it: it lacks the gender assignment of 'seamstress' and the unfortunate mispronounciation of s-e-w-e-r.

** I stumbled across my first few, but if you go to whipup, a collaborative craft blog, you won't be disappointed, AND, it has links to contributors' blogs, which, in turn, often have links to other craft blogs, so you could get blissfully lost in craftblog land for a long, long time!

dinner tonight: sauteed pork rib chops, roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar, rosemary roasted red potatoes

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