Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I finished Robin's Cable Sweater of Doom just past midnight, 5 March 2008. I finished it in between Finch's bouts of puking, which was fitting since the entire sweater would have been finished well over a year ago had Finch not been such a demanding laddie from birth onward. But, it's done, and I'm pretty well pleased with it overall. I stopped at Spinster Yarns and Fibers today partly to ask Andrea about my kids' knitting classes, but mostly to fish shamelessly for compliments on my latest f.o. I also stopped up at Red Canoe, only my excuse in this case was their delicious coffee, which I really did need because Finch kept me up until well past 3am with his nasty little virus.

Now, could the sweater be improved? Absolutely. The original plan had the cables integrated nicely with the raglan shaping, but I had to lower and widen the neckline so they end abruptly. Even with tweaking, the neckline isn't as close to perfect as I'd like it to be. I crossed a few cables incorrectly along the way and although I corrected them all (I hope!) I repaired them in situ, so to speak, rather than ripping back. This method is faster and provides good experience 'reading' the knitting, but I had a hard time making them nice and tidy. Overall, I was working slightly above my skill level. I used the EZ formula for a seamless raglan knit from the bottom up, with modifications based on Jacqueline Fee's Sweater Workshop. I plan to knit a few plainer sweaters using this blueprint before I attempt another cabled sweater. I'm also planning a few top-down sweaters, since I'm not as familiar with this method.

Up next, however, is Wren's cardigan. I need to seam it and knit up the button band. I used to hate seaming sweaters and even vowed that Wren's sweater, knit on request, would be the last seamed sweater ever, but now that I'm learning to sew I have a new appreciation for this kind of work. Seamless sweaters will always be my favorite, but I plan to hone my finishing skills on some seamed sweaters somewhere down the line.

Dinner tonight: Lentil stew with celeriac and walnut oil


Jacey said...

it's lovely! good job.

top down raglans fly like the wind, i've a feeling you'll love them!

Cynthia said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your package came today and I absolutely love it. My daughters are fighting me for the apron and one of them is already trying to reproduce the little pouch.

I am so grateful and think you are far better than a beginner!


Piroska said...

Blimey, that sweater is amazing! I love the colour.

jackie said...

That is beautiful, but I refuse to believe that is Robin! Too grown-up!

Piroska said...

Sure, I'd love you to link to my blog! I assume you don't mind if I do the same?