Monday, April 21, 2008

Ahoy there, crew members! (Do any of you Baltimore folks remember Captain Chesapeake? ) Anyway, I've been neglecting my blog because I've been frightfully busy, but since part of being 'busy' included frolicking at Rehoboth Beach a couple of weeks ago, I've got lots to blog about. Now that I've caught up on the housekeeping, I'll be posting more regularly for a bit, until I get behindhand and overwhelmed again! So, I offer you, an ffo (failed finished object):

The photo doesn't adequately convey the wretchedness of this sweater. The knitting is fairly well done, but the finishing is very bad indeed. Also, for some reason I knitted the size 7/8 but used the row count for the size 9/10, so it's a bit disproportionate. My slender daughter can't button the sweater over her belly, but at least it's not too short. What happened was that I knit the bottom ruffle several times over. Each time, I measured it from side to side after I'd decreased away the extra stitches. The thing is mind-bogglingly long until these stitches are decreased, but even after I'd gotten down to the proper number of stitches it seemed too long. So I went down a size, thinking that the pattern was just generously sized. As it turns out, it just takes a few extra rows before one can get an accurate measurement, and if I'd trusted the pattern and my gauge swatch, all would have been well.

That is, all would have been well until Finch descended upon us, and put a hold on all knitting (not to mention reading, sewing, baking, writing, etc...) This poor sweater would in any case have been abandoned for a time, and evidentally I'm not good at bringing projects out of hibernation. I forget about any modifications I've made to the pattern, not to mention what size I was knitting and which needles I was using (because Saints forbid I should do the sensible thing and make notes) so I end up guessing -- probably incorrectly. Also, I never regain my enthusiasm. I kept putting this project aside until it occurred to me that dd was having a growth spurt and that if I wanted her to wear the sweater at least once, I'd best get cracking.

So I finished the knitting, then pushed it aside again until Spring sprung and it occurred to me that unless we had at least one more cool day, the damn thing would NEVER get worn. I sped through the sewing up, and made a very poor job of it as you can probably tell. I finished it this morning and she wore the sweater today. It's supposed to warm up again tomorrow, and we will probably have warm to hot weather until next Autumn, by which time she'll have outgrown it, so this is a one-off, which is just as well.

dinner tonight: lemony chicken cutlets, wild rice pilaf, and pan-roasted asparagus

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Piroska said...

Well it doesn't look that bad to me, the colour is lovely, and the lacy pattern is very pretty. Don't be too hard on yourself!