Friday, July 25, 2008

"The storm came up so very quick..."

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Marchette Chute was writing about a Spring Rain but yesterday's summer storm also 'couldn't have been quicker.' After a week-long heat wave (the first one this summer) Baltimore was expecting storms. All morning and for part of the afternoon I waited impatiently for something to happen. Dark clouds threatened, then dissipated with nary a drop of rain and the air grew heavy and still. I sat on the couch under the ceiling fan feeling sorry for myself. The children were quarrelsome, the house untidy, and everything and everyone out of sorts. Finally, the sky grew darker and the wind picked up. I hurried out to my porch to watch and listen as distant thunder rumbled and rolled, then crashed above us like waves on the shore. I heard the rain softly pattering for a few seconds before a rush of wind brought the deluge. All of this happened in just a few moments; after delaying it's entrance half the day, this storm was in a hurry!

Folks rushed by with newspapers over their heads; one man walked sedately along until lightening crackled alarmingly close-by. "Holy Fuck!" he hollered, sprinting down the street and around the corner. A small white butterfly struggled through the air, settled on a dogwood leaf, then fluttered madly back into the storm for a moment before sheltering on my porch f or the duration. As quickly as it came, the storm passed, the rain stopped, and the sun shone.

My children came out to stomp in the puddles and rescue earthworms, and I checked the basement and garage for flooding. We had another storm later that evening before the cold front moved on through, leaving us with glorious sunshine and (more importantly) low humidity. It won't last, but just now I feel as though Baltimore summers aren't nearly as bad as we make them out to be.

dinner tonight: fettucine with tomatoes, garlic, and basil, topped with parmagiano

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