Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finch's Fabulous Fig Festival

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Finch was very pleased and proud to present these figs first to the camera for a quick photo shoot and then to his siblings for an even quicker feast. Did they taste sweeter to him because he'd been warned away from them a thousand times all summer long? I think so. As soon as I said "Oh, we have some ripe figs" he came running, shrieking "Me pick it ripe figs, me pick it, mine figs, mine figs!"

I was sure he'd insist on devouring them before I could take a picture, but he was unusually cooperative when I explained about wanting to take a picture first. I think it seemed altogether reasonable to him that I wanted to photograph the figs; after all, he'd been wanting to pick these beauties for months and his moment had arrived. He fairly quivered with joy and anticipation; clearly Fig Day was an important milestone for him.

After I put the camera down, I expected to have a major fig-hoarding battle, but again Finch surprised me with his civility. He handed them around to each of us with a grand air before popping his own into his mouth. "Eat it Mommy! Eat it Wren! Eat it Robin! Eat ripe fig now!" he urged. Then he whooped and clapped his hands. Our fig festival lasted all of 10 minutes, but it was a high point of this summer.

Our little fig tree (a Celeste) produces several small waves of ripe figs throughout August and September. The figs are small, but delightfully sweet and, well, figgy. They require no peeling, the wee seeds are edible, and they're the perfect size to pop into your mouth whole. I suppose they'd be good for drying since they're so small, but we've never been able to resist eating them as soon as they ripen. Fascinating fig fact: Figs do not produce flowers! And yet they make fruit! Wow!

dinner tonight: black bean and corn salad with honey-lime dressing, sauteed shrimp with lime juice and cilantro


Paintedbooklady said...

Sounds so sweet. Yay figs.

leaner said...

Mmmm. How old is your fig tree?

I am looking forward to our first figgy harvest. ours is a turkish fig, though.

ps- your dinner sounds so good... mouth watering!

meegan said...

learer: My fig is, I believe, 4 yrs old. We've had it for 3 and it was about a foot tall when we got it from Paradise Nursery. (No link because the Nursery closed last year.) I love it, but it's slow-growing even for a fig. My in-laws have a Brown Turkey -- I wonder if that's the same as your Turkish? You'll love those figs when they come in -- good luck for a bountiful harvest!