Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's Apron Time Again!

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I haven't been sewing this summer because 1) the kids wrecked the workroom, 2) my iron has been malfunctioning and 3) it's too damn hot anyway. However! I've got a niece turning 1 very soon and a Fall Apron Swap partner expecting an apron by September 1st, so I've set the kids to work cleaning, the husband to work fixing(here, 'fixing' means "bypassing the auto-off feature") and the weather gremlins to turning the sun down a bit and the humidifier down quite a lot.

The children and husband at least are doing their duty and I myself have been hard at work choosing fabrics and trims. I won't describe the project I have planned for my niece in case she is looking over her mama's shoulder while said mama avidly devours my blog, but I thought I'd go ahead and post a picture of the fabric I chose for the swap.

It's from Amy Butler's 'Belle' collection, and I selected it only after agonizing over 4 possibilities over the course of 3 days. I think I've made the right decision -- this fabric is growing on me and I wish I'd ordered an extra length for a skirt for Wren. The pattern is a simple one, but it's to be my first time using bias tape, so I hope that a) I don't make a mess of it and b) I can find a good color so I don't have to make my own. Just in case I bought a yard of a solid green that matches the leaves. Ought I to have ordered a blue to match the flowers? Or a bold contrasting color? I don't know. I'm just hoping my local JoAnn's will have Wright's Double-Fold 1/4" Bias Tape in a suitable color so I won't have to agonize.

I'll also be making a matching hot-pad, and I can't decide whether to make it with cotton batting or some sort of heat-resistant padding. I think cotton batting is sufficient for a hot pad, but if my swap partner is anything like me, she'll use the hot pad as a potholder at some point, and I don't want her to burn her fingers as I have done.

Finally, I'll be sending a favorite pie recipe. How to choose between no-bake pumpkin pie, chocolate peanut butter pie, or bananascotch pie with sour cream? Not to mention pearamel tart and good old apple pie! I really love pie, particularly in autumn, and they're all my favorites. It's a problem to decide!


Lauren said...

Pie rocks!

Leslie said...

that is so weird! i just bought this same fabric for curtains for my bedroom... i agonized over the two different green color schemes until i found this one and liked it the most right away. good pick!
also, i live in lauraville, found your blog through the spinster group, very nice! one of these days i will make it to the stitch and hook. hope to see you there. -leslie