Monday, October 27, 2008

4 o'clock Snack

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When we're feeling anglophilic (which is often) and peckish (that's britspeak for 'a bit hungry' as if you didn't know) we call our morning snack "elevenses" and our afternoon snack "tea." Finch adores our teatimes because he gets to drink that very grand and grown up drink we call, well, 'tea'. His is half milk, (or cream if we're feeling indulgent) and he guzzles it with great gusto. None of us take sugar; the children because they fancy themselves sophisticated and I because I've sworn off sweetened drinks but we do like a nice sweet munchy.

On a recent trip to Trader Joe's, we had a delicious munch of the best graham cracker I've ever tasted spread with cream cheese and pumpkin butter. I immediately dumped a box of the crackers and a jar of the pumpkin butter in my cart. I swapped in creme fraiche for the cream cheese because I'm still in a snit over the unavailability of cream cheese without various gums and stabilizers. The graham crackers are a little pricey, so I'm going to experiment with making my own. I also have some starter for homemade cream cheese. Given the price of dairy, I'm sure this will be more expensive than the commercial products, but it will be free of guar gum, locust bean gum and carageenan. I think that strained yogurt might make a good and thrifty substitute as well.

Some of our other favorite afternoon snacks:
bread and butter dripping with honey
sliced apples and cheddar cubes
chocolate-dipped bananas
apples cooked with 5-Spice powder and brown sugar
leftover polenta sliced and fried in butter either drizzled with or drenched in maple syrup (Wren and I drizzle, the boys drench)
and of course any kind of cake or cookie but especially Victoria Sponge or snickerdoodles

dinner tonight: chickpea stew with moroccan spices served over whole wheat couscous

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Michelle said...

That sounds yummy! I'm going to have to look for pumpkin butter and cream cheese at the grocery store today.