Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Finished Object!

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This turned out a little smaller than I'd planned, probably because Wren is growing so quickly these days. I'm very glad she requested extra-long sleeves. She'd wanted them to reach almost to the tip of her thumb and so they would have done if her arms hadn't grown 2" since I took her measurements just a few months ago. As it is, they fit nicely but she won't be wearing it more than one season so I'd better have some granddaughters in my future! I would change a few things if I could wave my magic wand, but I'm reasonably happy with it and Wren loves it so I'm chalking up another success.

This was knit in O Wool 'Balance' on 4mm needles. It's a basic seamless raglan underneath the decorative touches. I used an open cast-on and the picot hem is closed by knitting the cast-on stitches together with the final row of the hem. This gives the bottom some weight and helps it hang nicely. The sleeve cuffs are made the same way. The bottom of the sweater is a simple eyelet every 6 stitches on every 6th row, and the sleeves echo that with a purl bump every 6 stitches on every 6th row; both of these patterns are offset on alternate rows. The neckband and high-waist are both moss stitch, and the top of the sweater is plain knit. Magic-wand changes would include lengthening and flaring the 'skirt' part of the sweater, lengthening the sleeves slightly,deepening the neckline, and making the neckline bind-off tidier.

dinner tonight: stir-fried bok choy and carrots with a cashew,ginger and garlic dressing over soba needles

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A BCPSS Parent said...

Woo-hoo done! It looks beautiful. Now if I could only use that to motivate myself to finish those stinking socks that have been on the needles for over two months. Maybe once I get all the Girl Scout cookies out of my house...