Friday, December 05, 2008

My first (and possibly last) slip-stitch project

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I finished these about 2 weeks ago and I'm pretty pleased. I departed from my usual format just a bit, in that the armholes aren't raglan but semi-fitted. I put the underarm stitches on hold, then decreased every 2nd or 3rd row (I don't remember) for a bit and then knitted straight. The v-neck is also decreased 1 stitch every other row on either side. I was a little haphazard with picking up my stitches, but it's more symmetrical than it appears from the photo.

I wasn't as careful with the tension as I might have been, as you can tell from the way the slipped stitches sort of recede into the fabric. However, the fabric doesn't pucker and the overall effect, on the baby, is charming.

I suppose slip-stitch is 'easier' than fair-isle, but I much prefer the latter:

I'm going to rip back to where I began the crown shaping, despite Robin's protests, and make it a little taller and pointier. Just a tiny bit pointier. I tend to like pretty flat crown shaping, probably just because it's fun to decrease fast and furiously and finish the damn hat in an evening, but I think the flatter crowns look a bit feminine. Also the hat barely covers the tops of his ears and I do want it to be functional. Finally, I don't like the isolated red stitches that form lines along the decreases.

Finally, I knit a pair of mittens!

I took leave of my senses and knit them flat and seamed them. Never again! The monogram is atrocious too -- the initials are too small for duplicate stitch, but the stem stitch wasn't a raging success either. However, they are for a charity project and are due soon, so I need to send them along. Maybe I should unpick the monogram first? The project listed a monogram as nice but not necessary and since my recipient is an approximately 11 yr. old boy (his hand size match my daughter's) I think he might not like a mongram anyway. Justin says not, and he was an 11 yr. old boy once.

I've been doing lots of fun baking and cooking but, alas, no pictures. We'll have a baking day next week featuring either doughnuts, cream puffs, or pie, and I will post pictures if the project is successful, and perhaps even if it is not!

dinner tonight: cottage pie (homely, but delicious!)

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Piroska said...

Gorgeous vest and matching hat, you are so clever! I love the colour combination too, it's very soft and subtle. Thanks heaps for putting my blog on your list as well.