Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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We've been having a delightfully busy spring, and I have any number of projects and outings to blog about, but not much time or energy to actually blog. After days filled with spring-cleaning, gardening, hiking, and playing, I'm usually too tired to do anything after supper except read and listen to podcasts. I welcome the shift to earlier mornings and more active days just as I welcome the lazier days and longer nights that come with the cold weather.

Just as unseasonably warm days in autumn dismay me, so do the inevitable cold spells of springtime. Today was cold and rainy, so I comforted myself with some pictures I took last month on an outing to Gunpowder State Park. This particular part of the park looks for all the world like the parks in Western Maryland; rocks and rapids everywhere:

The tree my family is embracing in the pictures is a hemlock, and I utterly
failed to capture it's grandeur. Looking up into the canopy made us all dizzy! It was too early for many of the migratory birds on this walk, but we did see some turkey vultures, a red-winged hawk, several flickers, and a couple of wrens. We also saw a couple of toads, but no salamanders, frogs, turtles, or snakes; I'm always elated when I see any of the herpetiles, but I'm particularly fond of salamanders.

Another interesting species we saw was this skunk cabbage. For several years now, the children have asked me whether skunk cabbage really stinks, and for several years I've invited them to find out. Despite my reassurances that no harm will come to them, none of my children have been intrepid or curious enough to find out. I still hold out hope for Finch. (Yes, it stinks, but not as much as a skunk does. It's odor helps it attract the flies which are it's main pollinators.)

Tomorrow is another cold and rainy day, but the rest of the weeks promises fair and, after all, winter really is done for this year. I'll be phasing out the pictures of baked goods and knitted items, in favor of green and growing things. Happy Spring!

dinner tonight: roast pork shoulder, braised red cabbage, baked potatoes


Piroska said...

Where have you gone to? I miss your posts... Hope you are well!

Megan said...

Hey there! I'm back, hopefully for good -- it was a very busy springtime!