Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baking and cooking season is in full swing...

I'm still without a camera, and it's very vexing since I've been baking and cooking like no man's business.  If I could show you a picture of the sardines I just scaled and gutted!  To be honest, they're very poorly done since it was my first time prepping whole fish of any kind, but it was lots of fun.  The boys enjoyed seeing the gills but something was lost in translation for Finch who then wanted to know where his gills were and why his lungs couldn't 'breeb'  water as well as air.  Robin realized that water must have 'extra' oxygen since, if the fish breathed the oxygen that is bonded with hydrogen in water molecules, we'd have oceans full of hydrogen, which is a gas in it's natural state and so clearly there must be some other oxygen and I almost turned it into a teacherly moment but then the kittens got into the fish heads so we all sang the fish heads song instead which was probably just as well.

I've also been baking bread, cookies, and brownies.  We've made peanut brittle and divinity and plan further forays into confectionary for the future, including fudge, fondant, and caramel pinwheels.  Just like Brachs only tastier, fresher, and with better ingredients.  I have 4 quarts of roasted vegetable stock in the freezer as well as a modest amount of cookie dough already portioned and some extremely rich baked macaroni and cheese in individual portions. 

On deck for next week are apple cider doughnuts, sandwich bread, brownies, and either a pumpkin roll or an apple pie depending on how ambitious I'm feeling.  Also, next week's dinner menu:

Brown rice, spinach, and lentil soup (I know, it sounds terribly healthy, but it includes sausage and it's really very nice)

Roasted beets with their greens, barley pilaf (again with the healthy, but this one is quite nice also)

spaghetti with braised fennel and kale (wow, we're really cooking healthy and delicious food this week!)

braised lamb shanks with root vegetables and chickpeas (this will be my first time using lamb shanks and I have to admit I almost didn't want to own up because lamb shanks seem very sophisticated and chefly to me)
potato leek soup?  (or, use leeks for vegetable broth)

Potato-leek soup and warm spinach salad

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