Monday, January 25, 2010

Finished object and project planning

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This is Finch wearing his latest sweater. It's the usual seamless raglan with grafted underarms. The cable is Ripple and Rock from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and the yarn is cottage craft that I bought at Stitches 2008 here in Baltimore. On the needles and next up for completion is Robin's sweater, knit with OWool Balance. I started over last week after deciding that the body and single sleeve I'd already knit in 1" stripes of gray, brown, and green were displeasing in some way. I find starting fresh much more pleasant than tweaking an existing project, and so far I'm pleased with the new sweater, a simple bottom-up seamless raglan in 3 broad strips of brown, green, brown.

I think I'm a little bored with knitting, and definitely sick of the clutter. I have too much yarn and way too many projects begun and abandoned, so I hope that knitting it all up into simple but well-crafted projects for family and friends will be cathartic. I find myself drawn more and more to my sewing machine, my embroidery floss, my journal, and my kitchen these days, so I'm going to follow that muse awhile. I have so many projects in mind that I'm sure I'll be busy all year and still not get to half of them. Here are some of the things I think I'll manage:

* candymaking, beginning with soft caramels and including sea-foam divinity, taffy, applets and cotlets, filled chocolates, and lollipops)
* baking all of our bread, excluding tortillas but including pizza and flatbreads, sandwich loaves, dinner rolls, breakfast rolls, and crackers
* making pasta at least once, and more frequently if I like the results
* learning to sew clothing -- I've done a bit of this, and this year I want to become a lot more proficient
* planting -- 2 more raised beds for front yard (the Mister and middle-bit will be building these for me)
* planting along back fence --native perennials and some brambles is the plan for this space
* making my own cleaning products, including laundry soap -- I've dabbled my toes for long enough in the green cleaning pool -- time to dive in!
* writing -- I've been participating in a weekly flash-fiction challenge for 3 weeks now, and I plan to continue this and perhaps expanding and/or polishing some of the promising pieces for submission

dinner tonight: roast chicken, buttermilk mashed potatoes, braised fennel, and chocolate cake for dessert


A BCPSS Parent said...

If you need to borrow a pasta machine (manual cranked type), let me know. We've made pasta several times and it's fun, but it's not something that we do all that often. Iknow you can do it with a rolling pin, but the machine goes much faster.

Megan said...

Thanks for the offer -- I've got one, and I think it's even got all the parts.

Piroska said...

I tend to go on and off knitting. After I finished my last cardigan (which was successful) I sort of drifted away from knitting, for perhaps 6 months, but now I'm quite liking it again. Take a break, you'll come back to it again when the time is right.